The Juggling Act

Vonree G. Nelson •  WR100 • Professor Mohamed Zefzaf • 2 DECEMBER, 2009

Juggling studies with work and personal obligations is an act that the majority of college students will have to master.  For most people, enrolling in college is the first step on a path to a more rewarding career.  The majority of students need to keep a part time job to supplement the ever increasing expenses associated with getting an education. ... Read more »

Cultural Knowledge

Vonree G. Nelson • Writing 100 • Professor Mohamed Zefzaf • 1 DECEMBER, 2009

One would be remiss not to educate themselves on the customs and values of other cultures.  When traveling, they may unwittingly commit cultural faux-pas, offending natives.  In “Norms”, Mary Fjeldstad noted that someone eating with their bare hands instead of silverware in America would evoke ridicule and criticism, while in some African villages, eating with hands is the custom,... Read more »

Motivations Pros and Cons of Mass Media Technological Advancements

Vonree G. Nelson • Prof. Jeff Seideman • CO101 • 16 February 2010

Ever since Gutenberg’s Press heralded the dawning of the Third Information Age, civilization has fundamentally progressed and benefited from several technological advancements in mass media.  Gutenberg’s press made it possible to mass produce literature which resulted in an explosion of information and knowledge amongst common people.  Four-hundred years later, the Linotype Machine would automate the typesetting process, introducing the keyboard. ... Read more »

Communication Analysis of Dr. Cornel West

Vonree G. Nelson • Professor C. Lawson • CO100 • 26 MARCH 2010

Dr. Cornel West has been called the W.E.B. Du Bois of this generation. The African American scholar is a best-selling author, philosopher, critic, actor, blues man, and outspoken civil rights activist. West preaches a message of love and equality amongst all religions, colors, castes, creeds, sexes, and sexualities. He refers to everyone as his “dear brother” or “dear... Read more »