Gabriel Nelson

Full Stack Developer / Creative Director

Creative problem solver with more than 10 years of experience in freelance consulting, graphic design, website design & development, branding, audio & video production. Flexible & adaptable detail oriented self-starter with strong communication skills. Thrives in a challenging fast paced work environment. Happy to work as part of a team or alone to meet aggressive deadlines.

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My Process


Concept Phase

User conceptualization is the starting point for every design process. By discussing the main goals and objectives for the desired project, ideas emerge and the creative process begins.

  1. Discuss goals and objectives to construct a creative blueprint for the project.
  2. Develop a project timeline to fit within your budget.
  3. Determine which media will best deliver the desired results.


Strategy Phase

Once the initial goals and objectives have been organized, a marketing and/or branding strategy must be established. By examining the strengths and weaknesses of your company, a marketing strategy can be created to define your company’s competitive edge. When a strategy is finally created, project content is gathered and the brainstorming process begins.

  1. Examination of the strengths and weaknesses of your own company and your competitors.
  2. Develop a marketing/branding strategy for the project.
  3. Gather content and brainstorm.


Development Phase

The next step is to take these ideas that have been created and ready them for production. The objectives here are to arrive at an approved design concept and follow through with the fullfillment of the project. During this phase of brainstorming, development and presentation will work in the following areas.

  1. Design Compositions.
  2. Gain approval of design work.
  3. Design refinement.
  4. Fulfillment of project through completion.
  5. Offer final proof and gain final approval from the client to proceed.


Implementation Phase

Now we are ready to proceed. The implementation stage is when the final project is prepared to be launched or presented to the desired client. All of the necessary electronic files and documents are provided to the client in order to carry out the business/marketing strategy that has been arranged previously. The three steps are:

  1. Produce hard copies of project.
  2. Carry out media placement as necessary.
  3. Carry out marketing plan.


Post-Analysis Phase

After product completion of your marketing/advertising campaign, a marketing audit will be carried out to assess the results and success of the product. I strive to maintain long-term relationships with all of my clients by producing the highest quality work possible and ensuring the success of the final product even after completion.

  1. Present a detailed report, documenting research analysis results.
  2. Ensure product success and make any needed adjustments to enhance the final product.

Skills Profile

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Adobe Dreamweaver

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Adobe Fireworks

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Adobe Illustrator

Expert – 8 Years Experience

Adobe Premier

Expert – 8 Years Experience

Adobe Flash, ActionScript

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Adobe AfterFX

Advanced – 5 Years Experience

Programming Languages


Expert – 10+ Years Experience


Advanced – 6 Years Experience


Advanced – 6 Years Experience


Advanced – 6 Years Experience


Advanced – 3 Years Experience

Internet Platforms


Expert – 10 Years Experience


Advanced – 3 Years Experience


Advanced – 3 Years Experience

Magneto eCommerce

Advanced – 3 Years Experience

Volusion eCommerce

Advanced – 3 Years Experience

Shopify eCommerce

Advanced – 2 Years Experience

Sony Creative

Sony Acid Pro

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Sony Vegas Pro

Expert – 10+ Years Experience

Sony SoundForge

Expert – 10+ Years Experience


Avid ProTools

Advanced – 5 Years Experience



Expert – 10+ Years Experience

3D Studio Max

Advanced – 5 Years Experience

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